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General Information & Concepts

The J visa is specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of persons for cultural and educational purposes. It is temporary in nature and has restrictions on who may qualify but is a useful option when considering a foreign national coming to UT for a visit

Normally full-time employees of UT Knoxville can request to host an EV. Persons who are administratively affiliated but not full-time employees may be able to host an EV under some circumstances.

A host supervisor should always keep in mind that a J exchange visitor is a guest. EVs are often graduate students coming to conduct research or learn new methodologies, or they may be faculty or researchers in universities abroad who are collaborating on research or exploring new methodologies with a UT host.

Dependents are the spouse and minor children of the EV. They each need a DS-2019. They may accompany the EV or may join the EV later. A dependent may apply for work permission and may enroll in classes.

Employment is allowed for the EV in the field of activity designated on the DS-2019. The employment should be commensurate with their level of education.  Employment outside UT is possible in narrowly defined circumstances.

The J program has several regulations that are designed to force the EV to return to the home country after the visit is completed. These same rules may bar or hinder changing from J to another status such as H. J status should not be used as a stepping stone to remaining in the US.