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Local Address Requirement

Immigration regulations require international students to notify ISSS of their US address after initial arrival and within 10 days of any move to a different US address.

To update an address, students can fill out the Address Update E-form in the iVols portal. Filling out this form online will automatically notify ISSS of your change of address. Please don’t forget to update your address in MyUTK as well!

Frequently Asked Questions: Address Changes

  • Can I just update my address in MyUTK? Will ISSS be notified?
    No. You must notify ISSS directly about your local address in the US to remain legal. MyUTK does not transfer any address updates to ISSS.
  • I’m staying at a friend’s place temporarily while I look for a new place. Do I have to tell ISSS?
    Yes. You need to complete an Address Update e-form in iVols. Immigration regulations require you to provide information about where you reside at any given time, even when temporary. If you move out and find your own place within 10 days, just report your new address directly. If it takes longer than 10 days, you must report your temporary address.
  • I am moving from one room to another in the same residence hall. Do I need to report anything?
    Yes. You must always notify ISSS within 10 days of any change in your residence.