The staff of ISSS assists international students after they have been admitted to the university. ISSS helps more than 1,400 students and scholars from over 110 countries on the UT Knoxville campus. The staff of ISSS is trained and experienced in cross-cultural counseling and U.S. immigration regulations. For information about applying to UT Knoxville, please visit our admissions page.

New Students - Newly admitted international students who are preparing to arrive at UTK

  • International Student Handbook – This link will provide you with information as you prepare to arrive in Knoxville. It includes information on visa application process, SEVIS fee, and general Knoxville information.
  • Check-In and Orientation – All new international students are required to check-in with CGE and participate in the International Student Orientation events.
  • Estimate of Expenses – Information on estimating expenses while at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Health Insurance – All international students enrolled at UT are required to have health insurance.
  • Housing – This link will provide you with information regarding on-campus housing.
  • eShip Global – Sign up for an eShip Global account to have the CGE ship important immigration documents to your door quickly and efficiently.

Current Students - F1 and J1 Students currently enrolled at UT Knoxville

  • Forms and iVols – Notify us of any changes to your address, intention to travel, etc. with a form or by logging into the iVols portal.
  • Immigration Regulations – Detailed information about the immigration regulations that pertain to your visa status.
  • Practical Training – International students have the option of working in the US during their program or immediately after it ends by engaging in practical training.
  • Health Insurance – All students enrolled in UT must be covered by health insurance.
  • Tax Information – Most international students are required to file a tax return.

Prospective Students - Students who are interested in applying to UT Knoxville

Sponsored Students - Students who are on government scholarships

The Center for Global Engagement offers additional services to students who are on a government (and sometimes employer or university) scholarship and whose sponsor pays our Sponsored Student Fee. The sponsored student fee is $250 per semester ($100 summer). It will be automatically assessed if you meet the sponsored student criteria.

    • Liaising with other University of Tennessee departments as needed.
    • Providing general admissions application assistance and advising, to ensure timely consideration and placement into appropriate programs. Application deadline waivers can be arranged.
    • Providing assistance with housing options (including American roommate program for students living in residence halls).
    • Providing academic monitoring and liaison services. If a student encounters academic problems, we act as a liaison between student, advisor, and sponsor.
    • Providing communication services between agencies and sponsored students, including use of the fax machine, telephone, Xerox, and FedEx express mailing of documents at no charge.
    • Providing transcripts every semester at no cost to the student, if requested.
    • Scheduling meetings for sponsor representatives visiting campus.
    • Cultural activities and education trips coordinated by the International House.
    • Designated sponsored student coordinator.
    • Advising on entering the U.S. in a specific immigration status.
    • Special orientation session focusing on services for sponsored students.
    • Sponsored student event each semester.

Below you will find more information related to most common questions:

Transcript Requests

In order to get an official transcript sent to your sponsor (free of charge to you), you must complete a Transcript Request form each semester. These will be provided by CGE by email at the beginning of each semester. You must return the paper form to CGE with your signature by the deadline indicated. While we cannot accommodate late requests, we will help you request a transcript yourself after the deadline, if needed.

Third Party Billing Services

If your sponsor prefers, we will bill your sponsor directly. CGE will facilitate the process, however, billing is handled by the Bursar’s office. It is very important that you provide the Bursar’s Office a copy of your most recent sponsorship letter/document that includes full billing information (address, billing contact, etc.) upon your arrival and whenever requested by the Bursar. The Office of the Bursar is located at 211 Student Services Building and is open Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30. If you do not provide a sponsorship letter, your classes will be dropped.

Health Insurance

All international students are automatically enrolled in our international student health insurance plan. If your sponsor pays for UT International Health Insurance, you do not need to take any action to enroll. If your sponsor is providing you with another adequate health insurance plan, you will need to fill out a waiver form each semester and provide a copy of your insurance plan with details of the coverage. This is handled by the Student Health Center, located at 1800 Volunteer Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37996. More information about required minimum coverage and the waiver form can be found here: UTK Student Health Insurance

J-1 Exchange Students

In order to study as an exchange student at UT Knoxville, you must be nominated by your home institution. Please contact your study abroad advisor before downloading the application materials.

Once you have been nominated by your home institution, your home institution’s study abroad advisor will have to submit applications materials to UT Knoxville on your behalf.