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Department Roles & Responsibilities: Best Practices

International students are ultimately responsible for their academic progress, successful completion of their program, and staying legal during their stay in the United States. But we all play a role in supporting students. For practical purposes, the role of students, international advisors in the Center for Global Engagement, department administrators, and academic advisors can be best understood in this way.

International Student

  • Stay in legal immigration status.
  • Follow all regulations and consult with CGE advisors.
  • Make normal academic progress.

International Student Advisors (CGE)

  • Be experts in F-1/J-1 immigration regulations.
  • Keep the University of Tennessee in compliance.
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff on regulations.
  • Advise and support students in their efforts to maintain status.
  • Answer questions from department administrators and academic advisors related to immigration regulations, processes, and procedures.

Department Administrators

  • Know your limits. Don’t become an immigration advisor.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork and forms.
  • Refer students to CGE who have immigration related questions or concerns.

Academic Advisors

  • Support students with academic planning and progress.
  • Refer students to CGE for guidance on enrollment requirements, employment authorization, and limits.
  • Respond to CGE requests to provide information relevant to Below Full-Time requests, CPT and OPT applications, and I-20 extensions.