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Immigration Document Expirations and Extensions

Immigration Documents You Should Know About


  • An immigration document for students in F status issued by the University of Tennessee.
  • It must remain valid during your entire program of study. If you cannot finish your program before the expiration date, you must apply for an extension.
  • You may receive more than one I-20; keep ALL I-20s forever in a safe place.
  • Information should always be accurate. If you change your name, major, or degree level, you must request a new I-20 with the updated information.


  • An immigration document for students in J status.
  • Could be issued by UT or could be issued by a sponsoring agency (IIE, LASPAU, etc.).
  • It must remain valid during your entire program of study.
  • Information should always be accurate. If any information changes, you must request an updated DS-2019.


  • Only needed to enter the US.
  • Can expire while inside the US. if your other documents are still valid.
  • You cannot apply for a new F-1 or J-1 visa while inside the US.
  • Always be sure that you enter the US. with the appropriate visa.


  • Must remain valid at all times (be sure it is valid for at least 6 months in the future).
  • If it is about to expire, contact your home government’s embassy or consulate to renew or extend.


  • Your arrival record. It records your official legal entry into the United States.
  • Found online at
  • Indicates your immigration status inside the US, date of arrival, and length of stay permitted
  • Every time you enter the US, check the online record at to be sure your information is correct and that you are admitted in F-1 for J-1 status until D/S (Duration of Status). We recommend printing a copy of the record or storing an electronic record.

Program Extensions

Students who cannot complete their academic program of study by the program end date may need to request an I-20 or DS-2019 extension (also known as  a program extension).

Program End Date

A student’s expected completion date is listed on the I-20 on page 1 in the “Program of Study” section and on the DS-2019 in section 3. This date corresponds to a program end date in SEVIS, and is the last date the student is authorized as a full-time student in their current program. Students who cannot complete their academic program by their program end date must request an extension of their program in order to maintain F-1/J-1 status and continue studying.

When to Request an Extension

Students must obtain an extension before their I-20/DS-2019 expires. F-1 students should submit their extension request in the iVols portal a month prior to the I-20 program end date (expiration date). If the student qualifies for an extension, a CGE advisor will issue a new I-20 and sign it for travel.

From the F-1 Student Services section of the portal select the Extension of Program e-form.

Screenshot of iVols portal with the Extension of Program request outlined

J-1 students should contact their international student advisor with questions about applying for an extension. If the University of Tennessee issued the student’s DS-2019, then the student should complete and submit the Extension of Program Advisor Form to CGE along with proof of financial support for the extension period. Contact Erik Simons or Brian Todd for more information. If UT did not issue the DS-2019, the student should contact the organization who issued the DS-2019 for more information about extending their stay.