For Students

Health services in the United States can be extremely costly without adequate insurance coverage. Therefore, international students at the University of Tennessee must obtain health insurance to be protected against any potentially expensive health care costs. The following sections provide detailed information on UT’s health services, immunization requirements, and insurance for international students.


Health Information for Students

Health Insurance

International students who are enrolled at UT are required to have health insurance. As a result of this requirement, international students are automatically enrolled in UT’s sponsored health plan and their payment account (VolExpress account) is charged for this insurance at the time of enrollment.

Please visit the UT Student Health Center’s webpage to review the UT health insurance policy for international students, which includes detailed information about waivers, dependents, graduate assistantships, and relevant deadlines.

The University of Tennessee has a policy with United Healthcare to provide health insurance for students.

Information about United Healthcare Insurance Plan (including coverage and limits):

United Healthcare Insurance Summary
United Healthcare Insurance Brochure [PDF]

United Healthcare Contact Information
Questions? 1-800-767-0700 |
Emergency Assistance: Within the US 1-877-488-9833 | Outside the US 609-452-8570

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides outpatient medical care for all currently enrolled students who have paid their full University Programs and Services Fee. Physicians are seen by appointment, though patients with urgent problems are seen on a walk-in basis. A staff psychiatrist and psychologist are available by appointment. Specialty consultants in physical therapy, surgery, sports medicine, and gynecology are seen at the clinic through referral by a staff physician. Referral to other specialists can be arranged at the student’s expense.

All clinic visits are provided under the portion of the Programs and Services Fee designated for Student Health Center from each semester’s tuition. If you receive any of the following services, there will be an additional charge: all lab work, immunizations, injections, x-rays, and disposable medical supplies (ie: crutches, splints, etc.).

Students with chronic or complex physical and/or mental disorders are expected to make arrangements for private health care at their own expense if such specialized and/or longterm care is desired or deemed necessary. The staff of the Student Health Center will assist in the referral process whenever possible.

The Knox County Health Department operates a Family Planning Clinic at the Student Health Center to provide contraceptive information, counseling, and materials. Please contact their office at 865-215-5016 for appointments and more information.

A complete list of services can be found on the Student Health Center website.

Health Care Records and Immunization Requirements

International students are required to bring a copy of their medical and vaccination/immunization records to UT. The Student Health Center can inform students if they need any immunizations prior to their arrival at UT. Any necessary immunizations that a student does not have can be obtained once the student arrives at UT. Students should also remember to bring copies of their prescriptions for medications, eyeglasses, etc. (translated into English).

Tennessee Requirements

The State of Tennessee requires all students attending the University of Tennessee to provide proof of immunization with two doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine.

  • New incoming students must also be vaccinated against Hepatitis B or complete a waiver form acknowledging that, despite receiving detailed information concerning the risk factors of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine, they have elected not to be vaccinated.
  • New incoming students who live in on-campus student housing must be vaccinated against Meningitis or complete a waiver form acknowledging that, despite receiving detailed information concerning the risk factors of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine, they have elected not to be vaccinated.

Note: Students who are not in compliance will have a “hold” placed on their enrollment until they have either met the immunization requirements or have initiated and/or continued the immunization process for the multi-injection immunizations.

More information on immunizations will be given to new students during International Student Orientation.

The US government does not require students to have immunizations or medical tests in order to obtain an F-1 or J-1 visa.