It is mandatory that all new international scholars and employees check-in with CGE as soon as possible after arriving in Knoxville.

During check-in we will create your CGE file with copies of the scholar’s immigration documents, and you will be required to fill out a biographical form and provide proof of insurance.

Below you will find more information about check-in and the orientation programs. If scholars do not check-in with the CGE, their program will be terminated.

International Scholar Arrival Checklist

  1. Check-in with CGE

    • Scholars do not need to schedule a meeting to check-in. Please come to the CGE office (1620 Melrose Avenue) between 1pm and 4pm on Mondays through Fridays to check-in (Please note that we are closed for official UT holidays).
    • Bring your and your dependents’:
      • Passport(s)
      • DS-2019(s)
      • Proof of Insurance
      • A copy of your I-94 document.
  2. Check-in with your host department

    • Get added to the UT system (Can take up to 5 business days)
    • See if your host department is providing health insurance
      • If your department is not providing health insurance, you will still need to enroll in one of UT’s health plans.
      • To enroll, simply complete the health insurance enrollment form (this can also be found on our forms‘ page) and submit the completed form to your host department. The host department needs to mail the enrollment form, not the visitor.
      • Please be sure to send us a copy of your proof of insurance.
  3. Health Insurance

    • Per federal immigration regulations, both you and your dependent(s) are required to have health insurance covering your entire stay here in the United States.
    • All visiting scholars must be covered by one of UT’s health insurance plans.
    • Once you have obtained health insurance for both you and your dependent(s), please forward a copy of your proof of coverage to international@utk.edu.
  4. Volcard and NetID

    • When you have been added to the UT system called IRIS, you may obtain a Volcard and NetID.
    • Your VolCard is your university ID card.
    • The Volcard office is located in Student Services Building, Room 408.
    • Your NetID allows you to access your official university email and to log-on to university computers.
  5. Social Security Card

  6. Don’t forget to attend Scholar Orientation!

International Scholar Orientation

All scholars are highly encouraged to attend scholar orientation. During orientation we will discuss immigration regulations, health insurance, taxes, and answer any questions you may have.

Date: The program is normally offered on Fridays at 1:00 p.m. and lasts about two-and-a-half hours.

Location: International House located at 1623 Melrose Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37996 (across the street from CGE).

Purpose: The program is designed for those who are new to the US, UT, and Knoxville. Other international employees or visitors who are new to UT are welcome to participate as well.

Topics: US immigration laws; tax laws; US healthcare and insurance system; Tennessee state laws; and things needed to settle in at UT and Knoxville.

New Employee Orientation (Offered by Human Resources)

The hiring department should make a reservation for the new employee to attend New Employee Orientation. Please contact the Office of Human Resources to schedule orientation.

Most people who will be employed by UT (with a salary) will be required to attend New Employee Orientation, which is normally offered on Monday mornings in the UT Conference Center.

The program is offered to all new employees, and it will provide information about employee insurance, retirement benefits, and other employee benefits.

The CGE International Scholar orientation program is different from, and in addition to New Employee Orientation.