New Graduate-Level English Course In Fall 2019!

Are you an international graduate student?

Do you want to strengthen your English reading and writing skills?

Do you want to get published in your field?

If so, the English Department is offering a course for you in Fall 2019!

The English Department is offering a course for graduate students who want to enhance their fluency and confidence in using English as an academic language. This course, English 122, is designed exclusively for graduate students for whom English is a second or other language. Its purpose is to support your success in meeting the reading, writing, and speaking demands of your MA and PhD programs.

The course is now open to all MA and PhD students at any time during their first 3 years of graduate study.

In this course, students will learn immediately useful techniques for managing the heavy reading loads of graduate study, writing effectively as knowledge producers, and engaging confidently in scholarly discussions. Students will also conduct individualized projects designed to help them learn best practices for writing in their own disciplines, with one-on-one support from the instructor.

In Fall 2019, the class will be offered on Wednesday and Friday at 8:40 to 9:55 AM (CRN: 49021). Although it is officially listed as a 100-level course, it is exclusively for graduate students and at a graduate level.

Please consult with your advisor about whether Fall 2019 might be the right time for you to take this course and bring your academic communication skills to the next level.

Contact the instructor Laurie Knox at and/or the Director of ESL Tanita Saenkhum at if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
The ESL Writing Program (

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