The Center for International Education cannot make housing arrangements for international students or scholars. In the case of scholars, we hope that the host department can assist with these arrangements. However,  CIE has prepared the following information to assist international students and scholars in finding appropriate housing.

Housing Options

On-Campus Housing

NOTE: On-campus housing is only available for undergraduate and graduate students. All freshman undergraduate students must live on campus. International Students have the option to live in UT housing. However, admission to the university does not guarantee housing in the residence halls. Once students are admitted to the university, they will receive a housing contract by e-mail. Students who choose to live on campus must read the contract carefully. For more information and instructions on how to apply, visit the University Housing website.

  • The university offers a wide range of living options for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to live on campus.
  • UT housing can and does fill up quickly. Students will likely encounter difficulties finding accommodation if they wait until after arriving in Knoxville, or just before classes begin, to apply for housing.
  • Students should follow up with University Housing before arrival to ensure that their housing has indeed been reserved. Students should also check in with University Housing upon arrival to UT.
  • Housing for summer is available but limited. Please check with University Housing for available options.
  • Questions about housing? Please contact University Housing with any questions concerning housing applications or room assignments.

Off-campus Housing

**Please be advised that the Center for International Education is not responsible for the content of any third-party websites listed below. Information on third party websites may change at any time without notice**

Download Information about Housing and Rent in the US. [PDF]

Short-term Housing

» View a map of hotels near the UT campus or visit their websites directly:

Long-term Housing

» View a map of apartment complexes near campus or use the following sites to find apartments in Knoxville:

» Find more options in the classifieds ads for housing in the Knoxville News Sentinel (local newspaper) and in the Daily Beacon (UT’s student newspaper).

Other tips to find housing:

  • Once in Knoxville, students and scholars can also search the University Center bulletin board (located near the Post Office) and the International House public bulletin board (located on the lower level) where lease and sublease ads are posted. These boards are not available online.
  • Another easy way to find an apartment is to simply walk or drive around the area and look for “apartment for rent” signs. The signs will usually have a contact phone number to find more information about the property for rent.